The ZEB DZ3 circuit tester is a high quality portable digital ohmmeter for measuring the resistance of an ignition circuit.

The instrument complies with the recommendations of Australian Standard AS2187. Its testing current is restricted to 1.5mA which exceeds the requirement of AS2187-Part 2-1993-Appendix b. The display reads to nearest 0.1 ohm, enabling accurate testing of individual detonators as well as complete firing circuits.

The ZEB DZ3 is a simple ohmmeter -It is switched on automatically by connecting the ignition circuit to the measuring terminals. It is switched off by removing the firing cable from the terminals. The indicated value corresponds to the ignition circuit resistance in ohm.

The ZEB DZ3 is supplied with a leather case (including strap). It is suitable for use at mine, quarry, construction and general blasting sites, including use in gassy mines.

Please note: In dangerous areas like gassy mines, the ZEB DZ3 must always be used whilst in its protective leather case.

The ZEB DZ3 circuit tester is available from Stantron. Contact Stantron for details.

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