Sensors and Modules for X-ray detection

Hamamatsu produce a range of sensor products for X-ray detection including Si Photodiode Arrays, Flat Panel Sensors, Image Sensors and Scintillator Plates. Here’s a snapshot of the range:

Silicon photodiodes with large active areas for x-ray detection such as baggage inspection and nondestructive testing. Some models come pre-coupled to a scintillator while others do not. Product types include S2744 series, S3204 series, S3584 and S3588 series. Click here for details.

Detectors comprised of a silicon photodiode array mounted on a board. Some models come pre-coupled to a scintillator while others do not. Suitable for x-ray baggage inspection and nondestructive testing. Product types include S11212 series, S11299 series and S12362 series. Click here for details.


Silicon photodiode arrays with amplifiers. These are Si Photodiode arrays combined with signal processing integrated circuits (IC). 64-256 ch arrays with or without scintillators. Driver circuits available for easy implementation. Product types include S11865 series, S11866 series and S13885 series. Click here for details.


X-ray flat panel sensors that combine a large-area CMOS image sensor and a fiber optic plate with scintillator (FOS). Can acquire high-definition, megapixel-level digital video and still images without distortion. Easy to install into other equipment. Products available for both non-destructive inspection (C7942CA-22 and C16401SK-51) as well as radiology applications (C7942CK-22). Click here for details.


CCD/CMOS/NMOS image sensors for X-ray detection. These include Line sensors that combine an image sensor and FOS. They are suited for X-ray baggage inspection, non-destructive inspection systems, and various types of X-ray imaging; And Area sensors which combine an image sensor and a CsI scintillator plate. Click here for details.


Scintillator Plates -Flat panel devices for x-ray imaging that can be directly coupled to a commercial CCD for real-time radiography. Suitable for a wide range of fields from industrial x-ray inspection to medical x-ray exams. These include Amorphous Carbon Plates with Csl scintillator, Aluminum Plates and Fiber Optic Plates with Csl scintillator. Click here for details.

Hamamatsu X-ray image sensors are available in Australia and New Zealand from Stantron. Please contact us with a brief of your application and product interest for follow-up.

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