NF have released two new Multifunction Generators namely WF1983 (1CH) and WF1984 (2CH).

Some of the key features include:

0 to 60 MHz, resolution 0.01 μHz
16-bit, 21Vp-p/open
Low distortion, low jitter
Floating between input and output
Sub-output function
Parameter-variable waveforms
Pulse edge variable function
Arbitrary waveform: Max. 64 Mi words/waveform

Waveforms include Standard (Sine, Square, Pulse, Noise etc.), Pulse Generator, Sweep, Modulation, Burst/Trigger/Gate as well as Arbitrary waveforms and Application specific waveforms.

The Sub-Output function equips the 1CH (WF1983) and 2CH (1984) with an additional channel. The Sub-Output channel has a maximum amplitude of +/- 3.3v. This is handy for differential output applications such as using two outputs at the same time. Output sine and triangle waves at different frequency:

Example of 4CH output (WF1984): Main outputs of CH1 and CH2 generate amplitude modulated sine waves.
Sub-outputs of CH1 and CH2 generate internal modulation waveforms. CH2 sub-output waveform is 90°-shift from reference phase.

Contact Stantron for additional information about NF WF1983 and WF1984 Multifunction Generators.

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