HAMAMATSU P16671-01AS Optical Transceiver for 1.25 Gbps Optical Fiber Communications

HAMAMATSU P16671-01AS 1.25 Gbps Optical Transceiver

Hamamatsu have developed an optical transceiver that achieves fiber-optic communication at a data transmission speed of 1.25 Gbps (giga bits per second). This was achieved using Hamamatsu’s unique design technology based on opto-semiconductor manufacturing technology fostered over the years.

The P16671-01AS offers a significantly higher speed than current Hamamatsu optical link products – 1.25 Gbps vs 150 Mbps. It also provides standard-compliant optical connectors that attach to the preferred optical fibers, depending on the application.

For short-distance board-to-board communication within the equipment, the P16671-01AS is usable with inexpensive POF (plastic optical fibers) achieving high-speed data communication at a low cost. Also, using it along with HPCF (hard plastic clad fibers) or large-diameter glass optical fibers extends the data transmission distance up to 100 meters making it ideal for setting up a network or communicating between devices or equipment.


  • Data transmission speeds: 150 Mbps up to 1.25 Gbps
  • Maximum data transmission distance: 100m
  • Compatible connectors: F07 (JIS C5976) and PN (IEC 61754-16)


  • Data transmission in harsh noisy environments
  • Short distance board-to-board transmission in equipment
  • Middle-to-long distance data transmission between equipment

Additional technical details can be found here.

The P16671-01AS optical transceiver is now available to order from Stantron. Contact us for details.


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