Si Devices for UV/NIR Detection

Hamamatsu offers a wide range of devices for UV, visible, and infrared as well as X-ray and high-energy detection.

The catalogues below introduce Si devices with advantageous features for UV and near infrared applications.
Hamamatsu have types of silicon detectors that achieve high sensitivity in the UV or near infrared region, and other types with high resistance against UV damage. You can download the catalogues to select suitable products for your application:

Devices for UV Detection

Si Devices for NIR Light Detection

Key Benefits:

1. High sensitivity
General Si devices can detect UV light or near infrared light, but their sensitivity is low. However, Hamamatsu manufactures Si products that are highly sensitive to UV and near infrared, by adopting a unique chip structure and processing technology.

2. High resistance
Resin is generally used in silicon sensors as adhesives in window materials and chips, but the resin is prone to outgassing and deteriorates the chip’s sensitivity. Hamamatsu uses a resin-free package to reduce outgassing and produce silicon sensors with high resistance to UV light exposure.

3. Customization
Hamamatsu has established an integrated production system within their factory, from the design to the assembly and inspection of optical semiconductor devices. This is why they can offer products customized according to customers’ requests.
Customization examples include adding filters on window materials, tiling chips into 1D or 2D arrays, segmenting a detector’s photosensitive area, changing the package shape, and adding an electronic cooling element.

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