SB100 Electric Initiator

The Stinger SB100 Electric initiator is now available from Stantron.

The Stinger SB100 is both a capacitor discharge initiator (exploder) and a circuit ohmmeter (tester).

As a capacitor discharge initiator, the SB100 is designed to fire 1-100 standard detonators in series. It has a removable magnetic key which controls the security of the firing mechanism.

The circuit tester function allows for the accurate testing of detonators and firing circuits. It has a measuring range between 0 and 199.9 ohm in 0.1 ohm increment.

The unit comes in a leather carry case and a shoulder strap.

NB: The SB100 is suitable for use in all mining, quarrying, construction and general blasting applications, except in underground coal mines. It is Not suitable for gassy coal mines.

Additionally, the Stinger SB10 is also available from Stantron. The SB10 is designed to fire 1 to 10 standard detonators in series. Powered by a 1.5v AA battery, the unit is enclosed in a compact leather case with a carry strap.

The Stinger SB100 and SB10 electric initiators are available from Stantron. Contact Stantron for further details.

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