CA5351 Programmable Current Amplifier -New Release by NF

The new CA5351 programmable current amplifier is a current input-voltage output preamplifier with variable gain. It achieves a measurement system with both high gain and wide bandwidth, which cannot be found elsewhere. Resonance does not occur even in the presence of cable or sensor capacitance because of its unique input circuit design and technology. There is no overshoot or ringing in the response of pulse input as well. With high gain, wide bandwidth, fast response and low noise features, the model CA5351 is an ideal solution for a variety of small current measurements.

Application: Various applications from beam position monitoring in synchrotron radiation to quantum electronics, semiconductor, MEMS and Biochemistry research.

Key Features:

High Gain: 103 V/A to 1010 V/A (8 ranges, 10-time step)
Wide Bandwidth: DC to 500 kHz (106 V/A), DC to 70 kHz (109 V/A)
Fast Response: 0.7 μs (106 V/A)
Low Noise: 2.5 fA/√Hz(1010 V/A, at 55 Hz)
Current Suppression: ±8 nA to ±8 mA (7 ranges)

Contact Stantron for details or download the specifications

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