LiDAR System Components from Hamamatsu

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that measures distance by emitting laser light to a target and detecting its reflection with a photosensor. LiDAR is increasingly important in applications such as automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), Automated guided vehicle (AGV) and range finding.

Light sources such as laser and photosensors such as photodiodes are employed in LiDAR. Hamamatsu produce pulsed laser diodes for LiDAR and a variety of high-sensitivity photosensors that can be used for short-, mid-, and long-range detection by ADAS and autonomous vehicles. These photosensors include Si PIN photodiodes, Si APD, InGaAs APD, MPPCs (SiPMs), and distance image sensors.
Hamamatsu also offer custom specific products such as APD arrays integrated with Trans impedance Amplifier, to support diverse systems.

Recommended Hamamatsu products for LiDAR.

Contact Stantron for details or download the Hamamatsu Technical Guide to the product solutions currently available.

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