Noise exposure in the workplace

Measuring Noise Exposure*

Monitoring noise levels in the workplace is typically performed using sound level meters (SLM) such as Casella CEL-620. These SLM are used to carry out occupational noise assessments to ensure compliance but importantly safety. For example they assist in the selection of hearing protection aids. 

However, in some instances it may be difficult to get close to workers with a sound-level meter (eg, forklift drivers, miners, etc..) or it may be that workers are exposed to many different noises, in which case a personal noise dosimeter may be the answer. A personal noise dosimeter, such as Casella dBadge2, is worn by the worker for measuring noise levels exposed by the worker throughout the shift. Their ‘log’ feature and connectivity to a PC means provides the ability to analyse when and where high noise exposures occur.

The Casella dBadge2 dosimeter is in a package that is small and light enough to be worn on the shoulder which means there are no microphone cables. Not only is it safer to wear but employees are less resistant to wearing it and are therefore much more likely to forget it is there. This means the quality of the noise data collected will be much improved. The dBadge2 is supplied as a kit including up to 10 dosimeters, a calibrator, INSIGHT software, charger/docking station and cabling in a  carry case.  Casella noise dosimeters are manufactured to IEC 61252, the international standard for dosimeters.

                     Casella dBage2

[*] Based on an article published by Casella Solutions

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