CT 100 Circuit Tester

The Stinger CT100 Circuit Tester is now available from Stantron.

The CT100 Circuit Tester is a 9v battery powered portable ohmmeter designed for testing electrical firing circuits and individual detonators. It has a clear digital (LCD) display and a measuring range between 0 and 199.9 ohm in 0.1 ohm increment. It is supplied in a protective leather case with belt clip and neck strap. Connection to the firing circuit wires is via spring loaded positive contact terminals.

The CT100 Circuit Tester can be used in applications requiring blasting such as mines, quarry and construction sites. It is NOT suitable for underground coal mines.

Complies with the recommendations of Australian Standard AS2187.2-1993 App.B.

NB: It is the Shot Firer’s responsibility to determine firing circuit resistance values. This device is used to assist in trouble shooting blast circuits and to verify resistance values.

Contact Stantron for details.

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