Casella Solutions have a long and rich history in the field of occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring. Stantron offers Casella Solutions products in Australia including workplace equipment such as:  CEL-240, CEL-620, CEL-630 and CEL-633 Noise Level Meters, dBadge (dBadge2) Personal Noise Dosimeters, CEL-712 Microdust Pro Real-Time Dust Monitors, HAVex vibration meters, Apex2,  VAPex and Vortex3 air sampling pumps. Casella Guardian2 Area and Boundary Instruments are also available for noise monitoring, particulate (such as PM10) and vibration from sites such as mining and construction.

Stantron have been associated with Casella Solutions for over two decades and are proud to be able to offer their quality products and support to our local industries. Product accessories are available, and we can arrange for equipment calibration.